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poppenhuis [userpic]
by poppenhuis (grace_poppy)
at July 1st, 2007 (01:31 pm)

By the way, I'm re-reading the book just so I can know what my friends will be reading, in detail, so I can discuss with you and stuff. :D  I'm reading this version, Vintage books by Random House, and I'm on p. 145.  (This is my 3rd time reading it, and there's loads that I've forgotten.)

I'm surprised at some of what seems like wanton violence on Lymond's part.  Like when he knifes Janet Beaton in the shoulder at his mother's house, and he drops the burning helmet on young Henry Wharton's head, and when he beats Andrew Hunter to a bloody pulp.  Although it doesn't actually say outright that it's Lymond attacking Hunter, so I suppose it could be someone else.

I suppose with Janet Beaton, it was necessary because she was about to injure one of his men.  And with Henry Wharton, the other men's scramble to help Henry does give Lymond and Will time to escape, and he did at least let it cool down so it wasn't glowing red hot anymore.  (Small comfort to Henry though.)  But with Andrew Hunter, hmm.  I guess I'll reserve judgment until I better know what's going on there.


Posted by: Keddi (luisadeza)
Posted at: July 5th, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)

(I didn't read the text under the cut earlier, because I wanted to be anywhere near page 145, so I don't read any spoilers)

I feel a bit cold-blooded now, because I didn't really wonder that much about it, I just took it as "historically correct" or whatever you want to call it... but now, thinking about this a little longer, I'm starting to wonder if it's more than just doing everything to make sure he'll get out of the situations he was in. (I haven't reached the Andrew Hunter bit yet, so I won't judge about that)

Maybe it also has a hint of vengeance. I haven't read enough, but to me it sounds here and there like Lymond feels betrayed.
A bit like the typical Spaghetti Western plot: Our hero is released from prison, after being convicted for a crime he never commited; returns to "his city"; finds the woman he loved in the arms of the man who betrayed him and finally gets his vengeance. (Of course GoK is not anywhere near as stereotypical, but I guess you understand what I'm trying to say...)

I'll keep this in mind and read on now... I'm just past Lymond's performance as a Spanish gentleman, which was hilarious! :D

Posted by: poppenhuis (grace_poppy)
Posted at: July 7th, 2007 04:12 am (UTC)

Hee, I know, I LOVE Don Luis! It IS hilarious. And so funny that he manages to take their finest clothes and their horses too, to add embarrassing insult to injury. And I love "idiota?"

Posted by: Keddi (luisadeza)
Posted at: July 15th, 2007 04:12 pm (UTC)

Me again. I found a passage while reading a while ago that I thought was interesting in this context. I've got the same edition as you and it's somewhere down on page 165.
Buccleuch says to Janet: "I told you at the time, if you kept your mouth shut, you wouldn't have got a hole in your shoulder . . . ."
So maybe the violence really was something "normal" in this times and circumstances?

Oh, and I wondered what made you think it was Lymond who attacked Hunter? Because I wasn't really sure while reading that part, the mention of "Turkey" made me wonder if it could also have been Mat... :?
(I should read that part again, because I had some more thoughts on that, but it's been a while since I read it and I didn't get around to post about it earlier...)

Posted by: poppenhuis (grace_poppy)
Posted at: July 16th, 2007 11:32 am (UTC)

Did it mention Turkey in connection with that scene? I don't remember. I guess I assumed it was Lymond because of the suave and sarcastic speech and the skillfulness of it all. Hmm.

Posted by: poppenhuis (grace_poppy)
Posted at: July 16th, 2007 05:01 pm (UTC)

(Though I was wondering if it was someone else, and not Lymond. I actually can't remember.)

Posted by: poppenhuis (grace_poppy)
Posted at: July 16th, 2007 11:32 am (UTC)

(Haha, and I just love Buccleuch! What husband in the world would say that to his wife??? HA!)

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