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Wishful Lymond casting

I've finally forced someone else to start reading Lymond!  It's le_russe_satan , and she's already in love with him.  Success!  She was just saying they should make a movie with some sinfully beautiful actor playing him, and of course I've thought of it too (in spite of not REALLY wanting to share him with the movie world, knowing that they would ruin some of the things and corrupt some of my mental images and make everybody fall in superficial love with him.  For instance, I remember when I was the ONLY one who loved Legolas... hmph.  He was mine first!)

BUT!  If I were forced to pick an actor, and if Peter O'Toole was not young and beautiful at the time of filming, I've sometimes thought I MIGHT be able to settle for J. J. Feild.

What do you think?  If you have a different idea, I will need to see support with images, sinfully beautiful images.  Please submit them in a sinfully beautiful format.

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