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Lymond picspam!

Here are some pictures of people from Lymond's era, in The Game of Kings and Queen's Play
(No spoilers.)

Portraits of significant characters

Mary de Guise, mother of Queen Mary of Scotland

Queen Mary (about age 16) with Francois II, dauphin of France

Young Edward VI, son of Henry VIII, short time king of England and proposed husband for Mary

Henri II, King of France

Catherine de Medici, Queen Consort of France

Diane de Poitiers (Duchess of Valentinois), Henri's mistress

François Duc de Guise , brother of Mary de Guise

Anne de Montmorency, Constable of France

Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé

His brother Jean de Bourbon, Sieur d'Enghien

I love their little pointed frill collars - not yet the crazy ruffs of the Elizabethan period, but just enough to open up like a small flower at the neck.  Especially the two portraits of young Queen Mary where you can see her neck. 

And that's enough for now.
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