Keddi (luisadeza) wrote in reading_dunnett,

Mariotta & Lymond

Can anyone enlighten me concerning the relationship of Mariotta and Lymond?
Have they known each other before Lymond's escape to London? Because I find it strange that he should
send her all the jewels when he's only seen her once. Or is this all part of the things he does to anger his brother?
I find it a bit confusing that so much of what happened before the action in this book remains unknown, okay, it's damn intriguing, but sometimes I'm a little bit confused...

Oh, and where are the quotes at the start of each chapter from?
And is there actually some kind of pattern? I mean, does she refer to certain characters with the name of a certain chess piece? (This only just occured to me... I should pay more attention to these things...)
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